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Porcelain is my sculptural canvas. My work is smoked with a variety of pine needles and organic  combustibles yielding strong earth tones, punctuated with the vibrancy  of gold leaf. As the famous chefs Julia Child and Nigella Lawson  famously prepare their delicious food, I sprinkle my “spices” of  combustibles to smoke, add a dash of oil paint and place finishing  touches with pigmented waxes or varnish to my platters and sculptures.

Often my new techniques are direct results of crazy mistakes. These mistakes usually become my most successful techniques. As an  example, the carved chattering came as a result of my tool bumping along the clay, as it was too hard to trim in a smooth fashion. I™ve been  making this great “mistake” with carving my clay for years now!

My creations vary from playful  miniatures, to large-scale vessels, to multiple installations. I™m drawn to refined, elegant forms with curls, swirls and exceedingly thin rims. I try to capture elegance and humor simultaneously in my porcelain. I  take my work seriously, but throw in a dash of humor at every turn.

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