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Louisa McElwain adored summer storms, especially the way the light  changes and the clouds dance across the horizon ahead of the rain.  Living in the country, 20 miles outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Louisa  was in tune with the changing weather. If it looked like “one of those  days,” she was quick to pack up her pick-up truck and head out to find  that “power spot” for what she liked to call “a dialogue with nature.”  Once there, she moved quickly, stapling a large canvas to a makeshift  armature mounted on the back of the pick-up. The tailgate provided a  table for all of her paint ” large globs squeezed instrict order from  dozens of tubes. With palette knives and masonry trowels of all sizes,  including some attached with duck tape to long sticks, she would go to  work.

Louisa was always looking for a balance between her  experience with the environment and the physical reality of paint on  canvas. She believed “the marks, strokes and gestures of paint express  forces of nature, both internal and external.” Jackson Pollock once  famously said, “I am nature.” ....

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